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Join us as we host Firehouse Bingo every Thursday!

Come on in for an exciting evening with grids and daubers! Our doors open at 5:30 PM and early bird games start promptly at 7:00 PM. We have fun side games you can play alongside the regular cards for even more chances at winning!

Early Birds

We begin with five (5) Early Bird games, the regular series starts after these 5 games. These are purchased in addition to your package.

Package Pricing (Cash, Check or Credit Card)

6-pack – $15.00
12-pack – $22.00
18-pack – $27.00
24-pack – $32.00

Prize Money

Early bird prizes are $20

For regular bingo games, the standard winnings are $50 and special games are $65. We reserve the right to reduce the prizes “based on player attendance”. (This does not impact the progressive jackpot game)

The Progressive Jackpot prize is $500 if you win within the required number of balls, and $100 if you win after that threshold.

Lightning and Quickie Bingo are 50% of the earnings for that game that night. So if we sell $100 of games, your winnings would be $50.

Note: All prize money quoted above is for a single winner, the pot is split among multiple winners.

Extra Chances to Win

Tear-off games and special game cards (i.e. Lightning Rounds and You Pick’em cards) are also sold.

We host a progressive jackpot game along with nightly and monthly door prizes!

Before we begin early bird games, we offer a game called Bonanza!, the first game of the evening, usually played at 6:50


Food and beverage service is available until intermission. You are also welcome to bring your own!

Check our menu!

Admissions Tickets

Admissions tickets must be visible.

Serial numbers must be verifiable and not scribbled out.

Sharing of packages is not allowed.


No one under the age of 14 is permitted.

All individuals over the age of 14 must have an admissions ticket.

Children must be seated and quiet.


This is a smokeless bingo, but there will be a break for smokers.


Bingo usually finishes about 10:15 PM.

In the Event of Inclement Weather

If the schools or school activities are closed due to weather, the snow emergency plan is in effect at 4:00 PM, or if the weather service is calling for freezing rain – Bingo will be cancelled.

If unsure, contact Ellwood at 410-487-4209 or check our website or Facebook for more information.

We have made arrangements to have our parking lot plowed and we will make every effort to have walkways cleared, but use of our parking lot and pathways will be at your own risk.

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