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We will provide a setup that includes a shuffled deck of 52 playing cards and two jokers, totalling 54 cards that will be shuffled and laid out onto the game board placed face down, side-by-side, and kept in a locked enclosure.


The grand prize, or jackpot, will be comprised of 50% of total ticket sales for that “generation” of raffle. Each week’s quoted percent of ticket sales will be incorporated into the jackpot prize pool.
The jackpot will reset when the Queen of Hearts is revealed.


We will sell all of our raffle tickets through our website. Sales beginning each Sunday and progressing until the time of the raffle on Saturday will be considered valid ticket entries. Tickets purchased AFTER the drawing on Saturday will not be valid entries and will not count toward the next week’s raffe. The numbers will be automatically generated and emailed to the entrants. We will also keep an archive of all tickets purchased via our website for historical reference. The legal name of the entrant must be used when purchasing the ticket and ID verfication will be performed at the time of any prize award. Please retain your email confirmation as this serves as your historical reference to your entry.
Half of the ticket purchases will contribute to the grand prize, also referred to as the “jackpot”.


The raffle tickets will be drawn each Saturday. The week’s tickets will only be valid from Sunday through Saturday until such time as the raffle drawing is performed. The remaining non-winner tickets will be voided and will not count for the next weeks’ drawings. The winning raffle ticket(s) will also be discarded and voided and will not count toward any future drawings.
On the first and twenty-sixth weeks of a new raffle, we will choose three entrants via drawing.
Each subsequent week, we will only pull one entrant, which includeds weeks 2-25, and 27-48.

Game Play

Each selected raffle winner will be entitled to “Search for the Queen of Hearts” by choosing one card to reveal.
The card will be revealed and the money awarded to the winner in the increments listed in the following section.
After each reveal, the card will be permanently defaced so that it may not be called again, and will remain in view. Since this will be entirely online, we will post a weekly image of the current contest standings.
Upon such a time that the raffle winner sucessfully finds the Queen of Hearts, a new raffle will be produced with 54 new cards. Photo verification will be administered demonstrating that the Queen has been discovered.

Prize Money

Queen of Hearts: Jackpot!
Any 2, 3, 4, 5 = $4 (4:1)
Any 6, 7, 8, 9 = $6 (6:1)
Any 10, J, K = $8 (8:1)
Any Ace = $15 (15:1)
Any other Q = $20 (20:1)

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