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The Win Condition

It is important to start a discussion of the rules with how to win.

In our bingo hall, you must call Bingo on the last number called. You forfeit the win if the next number has already been called. For example, we call N33 – and that is your winning ball. You fail to yell “BINGO!”, and the next ball, G50 is called. Your winning card is no longer valid.

We also sponsor an amusing award for when you call bingo, but didn’t actually have it.

Regular Games

Regular bingo games can be won with a straight or diagonal line, four-corners, “postage stamp”, and “Crazy V” placements. We have illustration printouts as well as indicators on the board.


Special bingo games can rotate – please look to the pads or the board for indications.

Progressive Jackpot

We have a special jackpot game where you need to fill the card in a certain number of balls for the week. The number is announced before play begins. If you do not make it by the specified number, you will still win one of the largest pots of the night, but it won’t be that special jackpot. You’ll just have to try again next week.


Bonanza! –


We also provide additional side-games that can either be instant win, holds, or are played alongside our special games. The most common type of games we carry:

Pull Tabs – these are a mix of instant win and “hold” cards. Sometimes you win the dollar amount printed on the card, others may have a red number and the card will say “HOLD”. For these games there is a jackpot winner (usually around $100-$300) and we announce it after all the tickets have been sold.

Smokin’ Hots – These games are similar to the pull tabs above since they may have instant winners. However, these games may contain special cards that you play with bingo. These are announced when we play and call the numbers. Typically, there are three bingo numbers that need to be called for a Smokin’ Hot, but there are lucky ones that only need two, and sometimes only one number!

Lucky Dabs – This is a crowd favorite! These are playable cards that you will daub alongside your special bingo game (and they are announced). When you daub all the numbers on the card, YOU WIN! Every one is a playable card unlike Smokin’ Hots.

Lightning Rounds (aka The Quickie)

The Quickie is played in rapid succession to fill the card. The ball timer is not utilized this round. The bingo caller will draw the balls as soon as they appear and announce them and a mark is placed on the card. This repeats until there is one or more* winner(s).
* There may be winning cards announced on the same ball call. In this event, the prize money will be split among the verified winners.

You Pick ’em

You Pick ’em is an easy game, and it requires a little extra heavy lifting on the player’s part.

If you elect to play this game, you fill out a small card with three 3×3 grids and fill any number (1-75) in any of the spots. There is a free space in the middle. You must fill one of the grids to be considered to have one You Pick ’em.

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